What Christmas means for me

While I am enjoying a week of cold and rain in the North West of France with my French guy, I don’t want to neglect my blog and that’s why I have asked some great blogger friends of mine to help me with the task! The first post will be mine, as the guest of honor 😉 Enjoy the holidays!

What does Christmas mean to you?
For me, Christmas is about getting together with the family. I know the goal of it is celebrating the birth of Jesus, and it was when I was little. But as I grew up, and realized I did not believe in it anymore, I still enjoyed spending time with my family and having a good time singing and eating!
How do you celebrate it? With whom?
We used to go to my grandma’s house and meet all my aunts, uncles and cousins. My mom has a big family (7 siblings in total) so we are a bunch when we get together. That’s not very usual nowadays in Spain. But since my grandma died two years ago, it’s getting a bit more difficult. We still spend the 25th there (in Córdoba) but not the 24th, when there’s only my parents, my sister and me.
Here you can see me with my sister and cousins in 2008.
Is there any special tradition or superstition you like to do every year?
When we were little we liked to go singing carols around my grandma’s neighborhood, which is cool, because it’s all my grandma’s siblings that live there so we get to see all my mom’s cousins. Now we don’t go singing, but I love to see the atmosphere all the people in the street (if the weather is fine) wishing everyone Merry Christmas.
Another thing we love to do at my house is putting the presents under the tree little by little, as we get them. I put the tree and decorations around the 6th December because it is a holiday in Spain, and then we add the presents until the 5th January, when we open them. But as my sister and I have spent the last years abroad and had to get back before that date, we liked to open the presents on the 31st. We are cool like that!
Do you have any special memory related to Christmas?
There is one special night I remember. We were at my grandma’s, the night of the 5th of January, after the Wise Men Parade, and watching TV. Suddenly, my uncle arrives in the living room saying he heard some noises in the other room. My sister and I went running, and found the window open and lost of presents on the floor. We were ecstatic!!!!!
This is what I got that year 🙂
How do you decorate your house for the holidays?
I put the tree, which is my fave decoration. We used to have the same tree for over 20 years, but we got a new and bigger one last year. We don’t have a nativity scene, but we have stockings, and little snowmen and bows around the house.
What do you eat for Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
For the 24th it is a tradition to have a soup first. Then we have the typical: prawns, my mom’s fish salad, and meat (it depends but usually tenderloin or sometimes turkey). For New Year’s is more or less the same but sometimes we have fish instead of the soup. I like to prepare some canapés and a special dessert, but it’s also normal to have ice cream on the 31st. I love ice cream so much I can eat it even in winter. For the 31st we also have grapes at 12 o’clock.
Do you usually make New Year’s resolutions? Do you fulfil them? 
Not really. I did last year as something new, but then I had to make a more realistic list. I think I don’t have to make a list of things I should do, I just should think about it and do it. I easily forget about lists and resolutions, but there’s always one thing I want: to be better person and be happy.
What’s the best thing about Santa? 
This question will be different for my Spanish friends, because here we have another tradition. On the 5th of January we go out to see the Parade of the Three Wisemen (Tres Reyes Magos) who brought presents to baby Jesus when he was born. On the morning of the 6th, we open the presents and eat the sweets that the kids and the three Kings have thrown during the parade. Depending on the town, you can also get small toys.
What did you ask for this Christmas? 
Money. I know… where’s the spirit? But I’m getting older and as I don’t have a job yet, I need to save money for next year. There’s so many things I want to do before settling! But I will obviously get some little presents from my family. The thing is my bday was less than a month ago so I already got stuff I needed.
And that’s it! My Christmas questionnaire will be answered by some friends this week so be sure to come back to read them! Enjoy the week, enjoy the season! I will post all about my trip to France in a week or so. 🙂

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