Christmas Guest post: Ashley

Lovely Ashley lives in Mesa, AZ, and is all cuteness herself. I really love her blog and her way of writing about the things that make her happy. I asked her to help me with the guest posts and I knew she wouldn’t say no. 🙂

Hello! I’m Ashley from the blog i believe in unicorns. Over there I write a little about fashion, a little about love, and a little about things that make me happy. Come visit me and follow along if you like what you see.

I’m so glad Irene asked me to share my thoughts on Christmas, because it gave me some time to think about the holidays. Sometimes we get so busy shopping and stressing, we forget to remember what it’s all about and enjoy the season! Thanks Irene 🙂

What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas is obviously a celebration of the birth of Christ. It’s a time for celebrating his life and trying our best to emulate Him–be a little kinder, a little more generous, and giving. The smells, the music, the treats, it all puts me (and most) in a good mood.
How do you celebrate it? With whom?
Christmas is also a special time to spend with family. We have big family dinners with my family and with Marcus’ family. We go to extended family parties, we have parties with friends. Its just a great excuse to dress up, make your favorite meals and be with the ones you love most!

Is there any special tradition or superstition you like to do every year?
We always let the kids in the family dress up like the angels, wisemen, Mary and Joseph and they act out the nativity scene while someone reads it out of the Bible. We also usually get to open one present from our parents on Christmas Eve. It’s always new pajamas and/or slippers. I love both of those traditions 🙂

Do you have any special memory related to Christmas?
 I always loved lining up with my 7 siblings, youngest to oldest (so since i was the baby of the family, i was at the front). Then my dad would videotape us as we came around the corner and saw the tree all full with presents. It was always so exciting and I loved being with all my brothers and sisters and sharing our gifts!
How do you decorate your house for the holidays?
My mom always decorates our tree with thousands of lights. Seriously, i’ve never seen a tree more sparkly then my moms. then she lets me choose what color of ornaments we use. We then set up a little elf village–that was always my favorite part. Lastly we set up the nativity set. It’s a really special porcelain set that my grandma painted for us. Its so gorgeous. I always loved looking at the tiny baby Jesus.

What do you eat for Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
Christmas Eve we have mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, peas, and ham. It’s like thanksgiving, but with ham instead of turkey, then for Christmas morning we usually have orange rolls, bacon, and cinnamon twists that my sister-in-law makes, but i usually just eat the delicious oranges i get in my stocking. Mmm, in Arizona we have the best citrus in the winter 🙂 New Year’s Eve my brother and sister through a themed party every year so our meal just depends on what the them is. We’ve had a murder mystery party, a beatnik party, an 80s, a futuristic party. I LOVE NEW YEARS!

Do you usually make New Year’s resolutions? Do you fulfil them? 
I love New Years. I really like making goals, I used to be better at keeping them, but now i’m so busy, its gotten harder, but I still try. Lately I’ve been making themed years instead. One year it was “YES YEAR” I tried things I usually would have been to scared or embarrassed to. It was a really great year. The next year was “LOVE YEAR” i tried to be kinder, and thing about others more–it also happened to be the year i feel in love with my husband! I haven’t decided what this years theme will be…
What’s the best thing about Santa? 
His reindeer!

What did you ask for this Christmas? 
I didn’t really ask for anything in particular. My mom gave me money to buy stuff for our new house, Marcus knows to just look on my pinterest to find ideas 🙂 I guess i asked for a necklace and some art for our house. I guess we’ll see if I was good this year!

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Happy Holidays!

Thank you Ashley! I also get new slippers and/or pajamas every Christmas! It’s a tradition my mom loves to do for my sister and me!

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