LinkLove Octubre


DIY Book Page Wall: get your walls a literary look.

Inspiration: ecclectic kitchens.

2014 beautiful calendars!

DIY recycle old cassette case into a card holder.

I just found this website for anything handmade and DIYed! Can’t wait to explore!

Two’s a crowd: tips for traveling duos.

I can’t wait to see THIS movie next month.

18 incredible and unique hotels around the world.

11 Untranslatable words from other cultures, such as:

Sans titreThis stapler.

How to greet when you’re in Spain (explained by a foreigner).

DIY: recycled flower vases


40 must-see photos from the past.

Cute DIY for your kitchen utensils.

Simplified blogging.

22 animals hiding in the London Underground map.

China’s Crazy Abandoned Cities.

9 fun food recipe ideas!




3 comentarios en “LinkLove Octubre”

  1. ! am very excited for Catching Fire, too!

    The Pac Man Stapler is so cute and fun!

    The flower vases decorated with balloons is such a creative idea!

    Me gusta

  2. Thanks for the link! Do you find that foreigners are unsure of what to do when greeting Spaniards?

    Also, how it is where you are in France? I’ve heard of one kiss, two kisses, and even three!

    Me gusta


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